The First of April, MDCCCLI

April’s ‘What You Will’ Salon

Wherein you may give free rein to your conversation, without predetermined themes or topics.

The Hare & Hedgepig

As a Courtesy to Your Fellow Patrons,
Please Leave All Analytical Engines and Projectile Pastries with Our Pie-Check Department.
Formal Dress is Required.

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Welcome, Neophytes!

If you are new to the Museion and have yet to learn your way around, the native inhabitants in this Salon will happily guide you and lend you the benefit of their experience.

A Collaborative Story

In which visitors to the Museion may coöperate in composing a fictional narrative of collaborative authorship.

Lamentations & Jeremaiads

A place for the airing of one’s grievances, the bemoaning of one’s lot, the cursing of one’s fate, the wailing and gnashing of teeth–all within the bounds of decorum, of course.

Courtship & Comportment

It is a fact universally acknowledged, that these are topics of great interest to the young. Thus it is only natural that “C. & C.” salons are among the most perennially popular components of the Museion.