The First of April, MDCCCLI

•The Muses’ Magazine•


Since its establishment in 1837, The Muses’ Magazine for Extraordinary Young People has been treating its readers to (and, we believe we may claim without exaggeration, delighting them with) a unique farrago of Information and Amusement. A representative sample can be obtained simply by viewing the contents of our April 1851 issue:-

  1. “An Orb by Any Other Name?” : Janus? Oceanus? How the recently discovered planet Neptune received its name, and might other bodies lie beyond it?
  2. “Mrs. Browning Was Robbed!” : Ten reasons the celebrated poetess deserved the Laureateship instead of Mr. Tennyson.
  3. “Regularities Among the Chemical Elements” : Are Prof. Gmelin’s Law of Triads and similar schemes for tabulating the properties of irreducible substances worth the paper they are printed on, or are they merely modern Alchemy?
  4. “The Source of the Nile” : It must be somewhere, and cannot elude us forever.
  5. “Airships for Everyone?” : Ingenious engineers, assisted by Analytical Engines, have made rapid strides in their development. Will you soon take one on an excursion to the Antipodes, or an expedition to discover the North and South Poles?
  6. A Muser’s personal account of her rôle in the recent celebrated gold strike in Australia.
  7. Dr. Darwin’s latest observations on marine molluscs.

as well as Cocoapelly & Company, “Dear Reader of The Muses’ Magazine”, the inimitable Correspondence Page, authoritative Questions & Answers by Profs. Kuntz and Lasley, and other regular offerings well known to Musers.